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  1. Printing 3D Printed Parts

The printed parts are divided into 2 colours - grey and red and the material used was PETG. The parts were all sliced in Prusaslicer and ther slicerprofile is attached for download.

Print Parameters: - Print resolution: 0.2 - Perimeters: 3 - Solid layers: 3 - Infill type: Gyroid - Infill Percentage: 25% - Nozzle Temperature: 235degC - Bed Temperature: 85degC - Enable Autocooling - Fan between 0 and 70% - Disable Fan for first 3 layers

  1. Cutting profiles

The profiles can be cut with a flexcutter.

  1. Cutting Enclosure Panels

The front, left, right and top enclosure panels are from acrylic and can be cut out using a laser cutter for clean edges and accurate dimensions. Alternatively, they can also be cut with hand powertools like a multicutter. The cuts are however not clean so will need more post-processing.

  1. Preparing Wiring

Tools required

  • Wire cutter
  • Crimper
  • JST crimper
  • Heat shrink tube
  • hot air gun or lighter

Last update: November 28, 2021