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Desktop Milling Machine

Open Source DIY CNC mills

The following list is some of the self built machines that were found strewn across various repositories such as

  1. Desktop CNC Build from thingiverse with all CAD files

  2. DIY CNC Router with plans

    a. BOM, CAD and VIDEO build instructions

  3. Vulcaman CNC Router (500Euro) with build instructions -

    a. BOM, CAD and instructions.

  4. All Aluminium CNC Mill from Vulcaman -

    a. BOM, CAD and Build Instructions

  5. ED Frazier CNC Router 4x4 -

  6. Mekanika OS CNC Mill -

    a. BOM, CAD, Build Instructions.

  7. IndyMill – Open source with CAD, Build Videos and BOM

    a. Website: - b. Github Repo: c. Features:

  8. 50 x 50 x 15cm CNC Mill from German maker – Youtube Video Build Guide plus BOM URL:

    a. Sein Website:

  9. Life Latitudes CNC Milling Machine <500 Euros with CAD, BOM and Video Build Guide:


  10. CNC Machine from German Youtuber Bird Bastel -

  11. Manual Lathe and Vertical Mill Build guide

    a. His Website with CAD plans: b. Lathe build guide: c. Vertical Mill Build Guide:

  12. Several Desktop and Medium Format CNC models on GrabCAD -

  13. Youtuber Ivan Miranda’s CNC Printer with aluminium and 3D printed parts

    a. Design can be bought for 25$ b. Can cut at least 10mm aluminium thick Metal

  14. DIY CNC Desktop mill made with workshop handtools – with CAD model on 2nd part video

    a. CAD and BOM and video installation guide b.

  15. Rock Solid CNC from Dr. Robert

  16. VriMech Desktop Milling Machine made from Aluminium profiles and aluminium plates

    • Engineering drawings and CAD model available (original source CAD)
    • VriMech CNC Mill
    • Made from profiles and drilled holes on plates can be made using simple tools
  17. Long Mill CNC[]

    Youtube Review - [] Online Repository - []

    Very well built machine

  18. GoodEnoughCNC[]

  19. Simplistic machine using DIY Linear rails with radial bearings mounted on bolts

Commercial Desktop CNC Mills

  1. Desktop CNC Mill from Makerdreams with full enclosure -
  2. Commercial Desktop mill from Turkey -
  3. Chinese 6040 CNC machine -

Using Optical Fibre Toshlink to avoid Noise and interferences[]

Last update: February 3, 2022