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Large Format CNC Router

  1. PrintNC Large CNC Router - Fully Open Source CNC Router build with great Wiki having full assembly instructions

    • Complete BOM, CAD and instructions to build. PrintNC Picture Specifications:

    • Cutting Area: 1000 mm x 600 mm (Build size can customized)

    • Materials: Can cut Wood, plastics and Aluminium
    • Linear Motion: Ballscrews with BFBK bearing mounts
    • VFD water cooled spindle
    • GRBL
  2. 3D printer CNC Rounter from TopsCNC is an open source CNC router design with all fittings 3D printed.

  3. Mekanika Website:

  4. MechMate CNC plans cost 100 USD :

    • PDF build drawings and forum support.
  5. DIY CNC Router from youtuber sbirdranch with full CAD sketchup file and partial BOM with video build guide:

  6. Large Format CNC Router from –

  7. Simple CNC or plasma build with steel profiles -

    • BOM, CAD and build instructions
  8. Website for’s CNC Router machine -

    • BOM, CAD and good build instructions.
    • Outer dimensions: 1300x1500mm
    • Clamping area: 1500x1198mm
    • Working area : 870x1050
    • Z axis : 230 mm
    • Spindel : KRESS 1000W
    • Ball screw spindles
    • Nema 23 + industrials steppers
    • License GPLv3
  9. Uncle Phil’s Volk Fraese – DIY build with CAD and Youtube video build instructions in german -äse-vf1/

  10. CNC Mill from Kris Temmerman

  11. Lukas Goessler from Austria:

  12. Fixed gantry DIY Build from youtuber ‘This Old Tony’

  13. Homemade Steel Frame CNC Router ‘The Ferrous CNC’ for Wood, Acrylic and PCBs

Last update: November 28, 2021