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Open Source Plasma Cutter Designs

  1. 2 Part DIY Plasma Cutter Build

  2. Full CNC Plasma Build

  3. Plasma CNC Build with explanations but no CAD or frame build -

  4. Stefan Cymbalak CNC Plasma Cutter Video Build Guide -

    a. BOM available on Youtube Video Description

  5. Big size CNC plasma Cutter design

    a. (2500x1250) CNC Plasma with milling option for DIY -

  6. Custom CNC plasma cutter from youtuber Optimal Welding:

    a. No CAD, BOM but just a mediocre video build guide b. Video has information of build design however for linear guides

  7. DIY CNC Plasma cutter low cost with BOM and CAD on grabcad:


  8. CNC Plasma cutter with good concept of Motor mount + Belt drive (with tensioner):

  9. CNC Plasma table with full build instructions – CAD and BOM

  10. Commerial DIY CNC Plasmacutter (From CNC Router Parts) build with good ideas on how to design table:

  11. Office Plasma Cutter from thingyverse user DerM4209

Blog with information on CNC PLasma Cutter []

Arduino THC design from HaleDesign on Github[]

Plasma Cutter build with LinuxCNC with Mesa 7i96 controllerboard and Mesa THC []

Plasma Cutter made with steel plates and roller bearings on rails[]

THC from Proma[–Plasmabrennerhoehensteuerung-SD-Compact-Modell-Proma-THC-Plasma–Plasmabrennerhoehensteuerung-941.html]

Last update: February 3, 2022